ProLeptin, Anti-Obesity Science

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* Suppresses appetite

* Increases caloric expenditure

* Speeds up metabolism

* Reduce the size of adipocytes (fat cells)

* Blocks fat absorption channels

* Reduces fatigue

* Balance hormone levels

* Restores energy balances

* Increased production of growth hormone

* Regulates the operation of the other hormones

* It does not create dependence, tolerance or addiction



Pro-Leptin is a proprietary patented formula PharmaxFit.

It is a specialized formula created after 5 years of intensive research and studies to achieve increased production of leptin (a hormone that suppresses appetite and increases energy expenditure) and unlock their action in the body and at the same time,blocking the action of ghrelin (a protein that increases appetite and reduces energy expenditure).

The problem of obese people is that after many diets circulating leptin levels decrease or its action is blocked by resistin.Pro-Leptin significantly increases the amount of leptin circulating, so completelydisappear hunger and cravings. Leptin Pro unlocks the action of leptin in the body,since it has been found that some obese people do not have low levels of leptin but itsaction has been blocked due to various changes in diet and nutrition.

Pro-Leptin also blocks the action of ghrelin, a protein involved in food cravings andexcessive appetite have thus achieving total control over the action of this compound in the body.

Pro-Leptin is the only formula that acts directly on adipocytes releasing hormone leptin.Pro-Leptin, leptin does not contain, as the direct action of leptin on the body is uselessif uptake channels are blocked or diminished by the action of resistin.

Leptin unlocks Pro-uptake channels to allow leptin action throughout its ability to reduce appetite and increase caloric expenditure thereby achieving a significant reduction inweight naturally and completely healthy.

Once the channels have been unlocked absorption and activity of leptin is increased toits maximum capacity, the body naturally burns excess fat to achieve for himself theideal weight we all want.Among other benefits, regulating the operation of other hormones in the body and arethus benefit the operation of growth hormone, thyroid, sleep regulation and function of the reproductive system.

ORDERING INFORMATIONWhen ordering your bottle of Pro-Leptin will send your order along with the instruction manual that you take full advantage of your purchase. The Owner’s Manual is a guide thatis recommended to follow so that your body begins to release leptin in the shortest time possible.

We guarantee that you will see amazing results in just a few days.

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8 responses to “ProLeptin, Anti-Obesity Science”

  1. samsun

    i am interested, i live in ohio, can i get it here?

  2. Benjamin

    last year I used proleptin for about 9-10 months, and it worked good for me, but I gained some weight being lazy and stuffing myself with junk food the last couple of months… will it work the same? are there any discounts if I buy, like 5 bottles?

  3. lola rose

    do i have to pay shipping twice if i order 2

  4. Umut

    Not at all. For me it is a lifestyle chgane. If you follow Atkins, you’ll see that they do it in stages or phases. So does South Beach Diet. You add in good carbs and more good foods in these phases such as berries, which are full of great vitamins, antioxidants, etc. I have not veered that much from my original eating plan. I’m still keeping it below 20 net carbs most days, but not every day. And I’m still losing weight. In the beginning the goal was to lose 20 pounds. Now the goal is to continue eating great, feeling great, reaching my ideal weight (according to MY body) and of course maintaining that weight. I’ll never add back in bread, pasta, french fries (lol), etc but I will continue adding in more good foods (fruits vegetables) so long as I’m losing or maintaining and feeling good.

  5. Sara

    Can I buy his product in any store in philadelphia or new York? If I buy online, how Long does it take to get to Philadelphia?

  6. ashley saleh

    I would like to know about the product , where is it manufactured, and brochures and catalogues ent to my PO BoX 2689 Aljubiaha 11941 Amman Jordan Dr Ashraf saleh

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